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R700 reset

New Contributor II
How to factory reset R700?

I put it in Bridge mode to test so now I can't use the Web interface, so I want to factory reset.

I tried holding in the Reset button for 30 seconds, that doesn't change anything.

I tried the 30/30/30 with the reset button held, that doesn't work either.

It always boots up with the configured settings, not the factory defaults.

Can anyone help please?


try the CLI to do a factory reset

I wouldn't know where to start....

What is the command for performing the factory reset of an standalone AP?

QuestionWhat is the command for performing the factory reset of an standalone AP? ResolutionThe following command executed at Command line interface will reset the Access point to its factory default settings.

Please SSH login to the Access point and execute the below command:-

rkscli:set factory
Factory defaults will take effect after reboot

I think I changed the Admin password and I can't remember it.

Is there another option for Hard Reset? Or what is the procedure to use the Island-xxxx SSID?

I can't see the Knowledgebase because even though I only purchased this recently, apparently it was shipped to a third party and there is no support.

Your help is very much appreciated sir!