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Is it bad if two neighboring AP's can't see each other due to DFS vs non-DFS?

Valued Contributor II
I've got an R600 and R700 and just upgraded to 9.10. I've followed the usual advice of running ChannelFly for a while and then having ZD automatically turn it off. This time, I seem to have won some lottery where my R700 is on channel 52 and my R600 is on channel 153.

As a result, the R700 sees the R600 as a neighbor AP, but the R600 can't see the R700 because DFS isn't supported on R600 yet.

Will this configuration negatively impact my network? I presume 802.11k neighbor lists sent by the R600 won't include the R700 because the R600 can't discover the R700 on a background scan? Are there any negative ramifications of that?

Obviously, the DFS channels are less congested in my area because most people have consumer grade equipment that use the non-DFS channels. But if that's going to cause weird client behavior, I'd rather not risk it and just blacklist DFS channels from the R700 until R600 supports DFS....

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I've read and re-read your post and I think you might have gotten something backwards.

APs operating on different channels won't have any negative impact on your network. DFS has no play in this and neither has 11k .

AFAIK all APs support DFS. I if you have any document that says otherwise please share.

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They actually don't. Here's what Ruckus told me:

Bug ID : ER-2084

R600 AP has no DFS channel certification yet and they will mostly certified by q2 2015.

And indeed the FCC certification for R500/600/T300 have a "DFS Attestation" letter informing the FCC that DFS is disabled and they will file additional paperwork in the future to enable it.

But my understanding of 802.11k neighbor lists is that AP's compile a list of neighboring AP's discovered through background scans. Then, periodically, the AP will send an 802.11k neighbor list which the client can use in lieu of doing its own scans. And 802.11v BSS transition management uses a "filtered" neighbor list. I'm just concerned that the two AP's not being able to see each other would impact this functionality. Namely, the R600 would not know there's a neighboring R700 because it's on a DFS channel.