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Is it bad if two neighboring AP's can't see each other due to DFS vs non-DFS?

Valued Contributor II
I've got an R600 and R700 and just upgraded to 9.10. I've followed the usual advice of running ChannelFly for a while and then having ZD automatically turn it off. This time, I seem to have won some lottery where my R700 is on channel 52 and my R600 is on channel 153.

As a result, the R700 sees the R600 as a neighbor AP, but the R600 can't see the R700 because DFS isn't supported on R600 yet.

Will this configuration negatively impact my network? I presume 802.11k neighbor lists sent by the R600 won't include the R700 because the R600 can't discover the R700 on a background scan? Are there any negative ramifications of that?

Obviously, the DFS channels are less congested in my area because most people have consumer grade equipment that use the non-DFS channels. But if that's going to cause weird client behavior, I'd rather not risk it and just blacklist DFS channels from the R700 until R600 supports DFS....