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There's any way to limit the number of clients per SSID on each AP?

There's any way to limit user of each AP per SSID ?
For example  If i'm deploying several SSID in the same AP i would like to limit the number max of clients in each AP, that should be an interesting feature for example:

i have : 3 SSID like
public wifi open
org wifi: WPA2
media wifi: WPA2

and i would like to limit the the public wifi to use max: 50% of availability of the AP and the other with quotes of 25% each.

Is this possible to configure ?

I know that there are the option of mark an SSID as priority low or high, but how does ZD work in this situation? like in this example if i have all max  clients connected in the public wifi and someone wants to connect "org wifi" or "media wifi" ?


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Places where you can configure client connections in ZD.

1. Access Point Groups
configure...access points...access point groups

Image_ images_messages_5f91c40d135b77e24793a35e_dc780642e4e42bb9e1a0c025647749a4_RackMultipart2015030694547itqn-ceadfa54-216a-42f8-b112-65896e63a14e-774780117.jpg1425656462

2. WLANs


Image_ images_messages_5f91c40d135b77e24793a35e_76040ed39f867762cfd67761b9b2f676_RackMultipart20150306241121glk-582f9800-b261-4345-94ea-0e8622ee295a-691330692.jpg1425656622

Combination of these two settings should give you some control. 

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There is a %priority setting but that is another issue.
I've just shown where you can configure max client connections.

Thanks for the quick answer it will help for sue. But by the way why is another issue? How it work this priority i never understand quite well and in the manual it's not very specific how ti works, or if only works if we force the traffic pass in the ZD.