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Initial R710 setup Cant Connect https http or ssh

New Contributor II
I'm configuring an R710, going through the initial setup. I factory reset the device and I can ping the default IP, however I cannot access it via the web or through SSH. There's a strong possibility that this device was once configured with a ZoneDirector, I've read that might be the problem. I'm new to Rukus and I just want to know if there's anything I can do in this situation without going through ZoneDirector, which I've never used before. 

New Contributor II
Hello. I have an R710 which is powered via POE port. The "Reset" button of the AP should pressed around 10secs or more and released. This should do the trick. Kindly ensure you have either an isolated network (singe POE switch) or dedicated VLAN so that the AP will not see any other ZD.

Valued Contributor
Correct Christian,
If you press the button for some time it should factory reset the device and you should be able to access the webgui and ssh into the device.


If the device was associated with ZD, you have to install standalone software to the AP.  If not it will revert back to the old settings, I also had to get a separate power supply to ensure I was not on the network where I have ZD installed.

Also, ensure your laptop is on the same subnet as the AP, I used,  I connected the AP directly into my laptop.

Once the AP is reset, login to the AP's UI using the default IP - and the user name is super Password is : sp-admin

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Great consultation and advice above.

A hard reset should set the AP's IP back to with login uid/pw of 'super' and 'sp-admin'.
You can still talk to an R710 that was standalone or ZD managed, but if it was SZ managed, we don't support SZ factory defaulted APs.
Use the standalone code if you need to revert from SZ mode.

The Standalone/Solo AP code can be used by itself, or will join ZD or SZ controllers (when pointed by DHCP or by 'set director ip a.b.c.d' / 'set scg ip a.b.c.d').

If you have only one R710 you could even run Unleashed on it, also free to download from Support.

Unleashed code APs can co-exist with ZD or SZ managed APs, and will not automatically join a ZD or SZ controller.