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Ruckus T310c How to downgrade Firmware version in Unleashed

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I would like to know how to downgrade the firmware version in a Ruckus T310c using the Unleashed network.

The goal here is to downgrade the unit to a firmware version that works only with a standalone point mode to show my colleagues what they should to implement the Unleashed network in the access point.

Also, what firmware version should i use to put only the standalone point mode in the device?


Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi David,

As per my understanding, you want to downgrade T310c from Unleashed to standalone version and show it to your client, right? If that is the case, you can directly downgrade from Unleashed GUI.

Download the standalone version from the below link. 

Go to Admin and System >> Upgrade >> upload the standalone image >> complete the upgrade >> AP will reboot.

Once done, access the AP IP and this time it will show you standalone GUI.

Please note, Unleashed configuration will be removed, so you have to reconfigure it as an standalone AP.

Default username/pass: super/sp-admin

Syamantak Omer
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Yes correct I want to downgrade from Unleashed to Standalone.

Many thanks for the help. I will try this procedure.

I am trying to upload the standalone firmware version but is giving this error:

Image_ images_messages_6082d77ea31fd9684f289254_b52e57eda1115927384dc847c0a8d89c_imagem_20210423_152205-6b1125f9-b2db-4e65-ab63-bffa1be460a5-1007431796.png

Am I missing something here?

Ok, I think i have managed to downgraded. I had to connect to the AP via a router instead being directly connected to the AP via my computer.