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IPhone connectivity issuue

New Contributor

We have zonedirector 1200 and around 25 indoor and outdoor access points.

IPhone users face connectivity problem. 

All iPhone have updated on latest firmware and random mac is also disable. 

Users first time connected with ap

But roaming into other area users are not connected automatically.

Android users not getting any problem only iPhone users face connectivity issue?

Let me know..



Contributor III

Is 802.11r enabled?

where is 802.11r ?


Under Advanced Options for the WLAN, go to Radio Control. You'll find 802.11r and 802.11k there. Both should be enabled for IOS, to my understanding.

802.11r allows a device to do a fast transition to another AP without requiring reassociation, and 802.11k gives a report of neighbouring APs to the device so that it can make better decisions about whether it should attempt to roam to a new AP or not.

802.11r and 802.11k,both options are in iphone Wlan or ZD-1200 wlan?