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IPTV over WLAN-Bridge using ZoneFlex 7982

New Contributor
We have to connect an IPTV-Box in a room, where no ethernet cabling exist. We are using 2x ZoneFlex 7982 as WLAN-Bridge using 802.11n. At one side of the WLAN-Bridge VDSL-Router from provider is connected, at the other side IPTV-Box. WLAN-Bridge works find, if we test it with WLAN-Client. But IPTV-Box does not work proper. Does somebody has an idea, if there is a special configuration do to using IPTV over WLAN-Bridge?

Thanks for responding to such an old thread.  The 7982 is running as a standalone AP, no ZD.

7982 5GHz Transmit Power: Full

7982 Software Version:

7111 Software Version: (AU Firmware)

I'm using WPA2-PSK, as the web user interface shows "AES" and my pre-shared key.  It appears that wlan8 and wlan9 are up (from 'get wlanlist'), and both have WDS enabled already.

There is no Zone Director, so no real way to set client isolation that I know of, but 'get ap-bridge wlan#' states that the bridge is enabled for wlan8 and wlan9.

Is there any kind of debugging that can be done on the 7111?  I'm interested to hear if there is a newer firmware that resolves any issues relating to a hang on the wireless interface.

Your configuration setup seems ok.  We have firmware for 7982s on Support downloads page.

The 7111 code is latest and ok too, but the 7811/7111 were EoL'd some time ago and there will be no further

You've determined you're using WLAN8 and WLAN9 with no client isolation.  Please enter the following to
see if your 7982 recognizes the 7111 associated to it, with some client summary detail.

    get client-info wlan8        (and wlan9)

and another one to help push DHCP to connected devices behind the 7111.

   set qos directedDHCP enable

then reboot your 7111 and maybe the STB your TV is connected to.  Does this help?

I can see the 7111's MAC address is connected to wlan8 on the 7982 (I can also see it via the 7982's web user interface, associated with the SSID configured on the 5GHz radio).  It seems the Directed DHCP is already enabled.

I don't have an issue with initial connectivity (after power-on of the 7111), and the devices hanging off the 7111 have no problem obtaining a DHCP address.  The issue is that once the 7111 has uploaded a few gigabytes in the direction of the 7982 (to another 7111), the sending 7111 just stops responding on its radio interface.  It doesn't respond to pings from other wifi nodes, but does respond from the LAN side.  I cannot establish outbound connections from the devices behind the 7111 across the wifi network.  It's as if it decided to isolate itself.  A reboot (power cycle) of the 7111 and it's fine again for another few GB (which seems to rule out temperature as the root cause).  The issue seems to have more to do with the burst of throughput, rather than that actual volume of data transferred, but it fails within a relatively predictable range under load (1-1.8G).

Does the 7111 have the equivalent of a syslog, or some way to inquire as it its current "faults"?  (Given I can still query if from the LAN side when it's wireless interface hangs).

There doesn't seem to be any other competitor products on the market that actually spend any time dealing with minimum throughput, wireless QoS, or low jitter - although I'm open to suggestions from anyone on the forum who has had success with another IPTV media-focused wifi bridge. (I don't think that breaks the rules, I'm still using a Ruckus 7982 as the AP).

Valued Contributor II
Hi Trevor,

While working with Tikona network, we also used Ruckus CPE devices and had something similar issue but not 100% same.

Can you try doing the same on open SSID with no encryption & security at all? this is just for Testing... and see if status changes?

there are many 5ghz based CPE out there...which you can review...