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Touchstar Boston 8500 Handheld Scanner Disconnecting

New Contributor III
Hi all,

We have quite 40 Touchstar Boston 8500 ( Hand Held Barcode scanners that connect via ZoneFlex 7352 controlled by a Smart Standby Zondirector 1100 to our network.

We have just started testing and what we have found is that the hand held units seem to "disconnect" from the network at random intervals (5-60 minutes) all sleep and power setting are either off or on max. The hand held still has an IP address but the device can no longer access the LAN or can be pinged from any machine within our network. To reconnect we need to put the device in standby mode and then switch it back on, this effectively restarts the network card.

The WLAN card that the handheld has is a Summit, I have found a setting that I thing may be responsible for the drop off's as it may interfere with what the ZoneDirector is trying to do:

Agressive Scan is a feature in Summit WLAN cards that actively looks for better Ap's and try's to connect to them, from my understanding the ZoneDirector will transfer the device between Ap's? Would this be culprit?

Any help appreciated.


Valued Contributor
Do you have ChannelFly enabled? If so, try disabling it and see if it makes any difference.

Thanks Jazzycow, I am going to give that a try. I have moved to Background Scanning.

I initially didn't have "Automatically adjust AP radio power to optimize coverage when interference is present." Enabled but have switched it on for testing.

Hi Jazzycow, have given that a go. It is happening less now but the symptoms still persist. Any other thoughts?