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I want to move one AP R500 from one ZD controller to a different one

New Contributor III
We have 2 clusters ZD 3050 active-passive, one cluster will be retired and I want to migrate/move all the AP's to the remaining one...I have modified the option 43 in the dhcp scopes to direct to the new ZoneDirector and even rebooted a couple of AP's but they still attach to the old ZD. If I hard reset the AP I can configure it to attach to the new ZD but we have hundreds of AP's and I was hoping to be able to solve this problem remotely... any idea?

Hi Marius, As mentioned in my previous post you can use the "remote ap cli " command on the ZD to execute AP CLI commands on specific AP's

Image_ images_messages_5f99319e6880ca356d0376be_bfeb7ae28b5b3d77b7ec825b204d34b5_remoteapcli-7abb415f-0bba-454f-a3b1-a415e13984d8-1337642042.png
Image_ images_messages_5f99319e6880ca356d0376be_d51e0e53538e3238671a114c80d5e634_example-c7aaff07-6acd-46c5-9eb2-ced8a5fb8672-1944000603.png

Thank you very much, Martin!!! It's exactly what i needed!