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I want to move one AP R500 from one ZD controller to a different one

New Contributor III
We have 2 clusters ZD 3050 active-passive, one cluster will be retired and I want to migrate/move all the AP's to the remaining one...I have modified the option 43 in the dhcp scopes to direct to the new ZoneDirector and even rebooted a couple of AP's but they still attach to the old ZD. If I hard reset the AP I can configure it to attach to the new ZD but we have hundreds of AP's and I was hoping to be able to solve this problem remotely... any idea?

Valued Contributor

You can use the "set director " command to change the controller IP address.

As the AP still have the old configuration it will go there.

option 43 is only if the AP is factory reset and it needs to find it's controller.



Thanks martin but how can I use the command remotely? I am not able to log on the AP's, I hoped to do that using ssh but it does not recognize the Zonedirector admin credentials

Do you still have access to the original ZoneDirector?

You can use the remote ap cli command when you ssh into the ZD.

remote ap cli "cli command"



Yes, I can ssh on the old ZoneDirector...I even can see the AP's config with "show ap mac ...." but hoe can i modify the director IP?