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I ordered 801-1205-5000 watchdog contract from a reseller, now what?

New Contributor III
Hello, roughly 24hrs ago I ordered a 801-1205-5000 5yrs watchdog support for my ZD1205 because I want to have software upgrades for my ZD and attached APs (4 r700 and upcoming 1 r720), being an home user/enthusiast with no business connections I literally bought it from the first google result reseller that looked legit, used Paypal and offered international orders (I’m in EU), namely “Barcode Discount” based in Chicago (parent company is Barcodes LLC that operates a number of similar sites).

Now while I wait for my (very pricey, for a home user) order to be honored, I’m growing puzzled about the whole process. Just puzzled for now. First of all, one would expect like a 5 minutes instant digital delivery, but apparently 2-3 days will be needed. (honestly Ruckus should just put a giant “buy premium support with Paypal” button in the ZD dashboard, why they don’t do it and force you thru sales channels is beyond me, but I digress). After an hour I called the reseller (thanks Skype for cheap overseas calls) to ask about the whole process and they said that in the coming days Ruckus themselves would honor the order via email. I find it weird, how so? I paid the reseller and never told them the S/N of my ZD. They have my email of course. And I’m from another world region.

Getting all this to work is also a prerequisite for buying my next R720 ap because otherwise my ZD1205 on an old software would not support it...

So, tldr, I dropped a lot of money on an order and I’m puzzled about the whole process, reseller CS said Ruckus will honor, if tomorrow none of the involved parties (the reseller or Ruckus) digitally delivers my watchdog activation code I will have to make some calls via Skype again...

New Contributor III
And by the way, when the ZD1205 get EOL-ed, will I still be able to update my attached r720 to the lastest firmware within my 5 year support?
I assume the r720 will be EOL-ed well after the ZD1200.

Valued Contributor II
as a standalone AP, firmware updates are available at no cost.

New Contributor III
The American shop just emailed me that they can’t sell the service outside US...maybe stop international addresses from ordering so nobody’s time is wasted? I swear one of these sites (not Barcode Discount) has a banner that reads “international orders are welcome”.

New Contributor III
If you by from an authorised  reseller/partner  they should send you the activation codes once they received them from their distributor.

 If the reseller is the same as the one you bought your hardware from they can on your behalf apply the support contract to the relevant serial numbers in the partner portal.

There have been delays in recent times with ruckus generating support codes due to there transitional state of ownership,  but I believe this has now been resolved.

I have found that there online chat support is very useful.
If you have proof of purchase they may be able to sort out the activation of your support for you. 

This is all based on my experience as a Ruckus  Wireless  Partner.