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Which end-user Watchdog Support for getting latest ZD1200 firmware?

New Contributor III
End user here, purchased and set up a ZD1200 myself along with three R710 APs. The license I got worked for up to 5 APs, so far so (very, very) good.

The initial period (90 days?) of firmware updates is long gone and I'm looking into buying the right support level that would allow me to download the latest firmware -- mostly to access the modern UI. I'm not interested in replacement RMAs and the like, just the bare minimum to download the latest software.

Is the "Ruckus End User WatchDog Premium Support for ZoneDirector 1200" 841-1201-1L00 the right one to buy? It says it's only for 1 AP but I'm assuming that is *support* for one AP rather than a reduced license than my original 5.

New Contributor III
After going through the purchase and activation process, I can now answer my own question. The correct license for me was 801-1205-1000 (or -3000 and -5000, which are the 3-year and 5-year equivalents).

The following thread has all the details: