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How to rejected channel overlapping if found another WiFi use channel bonding (ch 4 & 8) ?

New Contributor II
Hi Guys, 
Currently we use zd1200 and R500 on our office and activate channel fly Radio 2.4Ghz(1,6,11), we founded on someone WiFi use channel bonding (ch4 & 8). Thats why the impact to us is channel overlapping and some of employee always complain of suddenly loosing wireless connection. Anyone have advice for solve this problem ?

New Contributor III
Honestly, talk to them.  You are probably causing as many problems for them as well.  Bonding 2.4 channels in an environment that isn't contained is just a bad idea.

Esteemed Contributor II

   If you only wish to use channel 1, 6, and 11 in 2.4GHz, you should be using Background Scanning
under Configure/Services/Self Healing.  If you have selected Channelfly, you need to permit all the
2.4GHz channels 1-11 that its designed for.  Most modern clients can use all 11 2.4GHz channels.

   How many APs do you have and how close together, enough that clients can roam if they need to?
Are you on the latest ZD firmware, to help rule out any bugs with ZD/APs?  Have you reviewed your
debug logs, maybe focused on a client MAC who says he/she has problems, and capture the AP
support info when they say so? 

   First paragraph is config, second is troubleshooting.  Let us know.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your advice, we will try to configure like that. I just want to know what's the different between background scanning and channelfly ?