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Can't see Apple mDNS services (Airplay, for e.g.) when service endpoint is connected to a MAP

New Contributor II
I have two Unleashed R710 APs in a Mesh (running build 186). Very simple setup - one WLAN, single VLAN.

There are a couple Apple Airport Express endpoints, that connect to the WLAN and offer AirPlay service.

The issue I'm seeing is that if the Airport Express connects to a MAP (as opposed to the RAP), I can't see or access its AirPlay service, even if my laptop connects to the same AP (MAP).

I'm not sure if Bonjour gateway would help (it's turned off now) since it is designed to bridge services across VLANs, but I only have one..

Any suggestions on what I should try?

Thank you!

New Contributor II
Update: upgraded to After the upgrade and reboot all seems to be working fine. Will have to watch it for a little while to see if it stays working.

No mention of anything Apple-related in Release Notes.. Hmm.

New Contributor III
It's possible the new update has mdns to unicast disabled because by default unleashed is configured to convert multi cast traffic to unicast.

New Contributor II
New update: after 5 days, the problem has manifested again.

If I'm on a Mac connected to the MAP and run Airport Utility, it shows all Apple Access points as "can't find them", even if one of them is connected to the same MAP as my Mac.

Rebooted the MAP, forcing all wireless clients to move to the RAP - boom, everything is suddenly working. 😞

So the mystery persists - things work for a while, then stop. Actually this looks similar to the problem I had when I was running only a single R710 in a standalone mode (non-Uleashed). Had to reboot it once a week to restore the Apple services. 😞

New Contributor II
i am not familure with the unleashed product setup. but i know that with our controllers, we couldn't see mDNS for google expeditions because we were tunneling the traffic back....just a thought.