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How to re-join deleted AP in Virtual SmartZone

New Contributor II

Good day!

I'm looking for guidance or instructions on rejoining AP in the controller We have deleted and reset two access points in the Virtual SmartZone, but we want to rejoin them back in the controller.

Thank you for your assistance



Question, after we deleted the AP from VSZ, we cannot ssh or ping the AP's IP address. Its connected with the same network switch and LAN cable

RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @markandro

Please perform a Hard reset on the AP using the below steps. 


 -> On the rear side of the AP you can see the "HARD RESET" hole which is located near the Ethernet ports.
 -> Insert a paper clip or any point object into the “HARD RESET” hole and press & hold it for 15-20 seconds.
-> This factory defaults the AP.
->Now the AP can be accessed using it's default ip address by directly connecting to a PC in the same subnet.

Verify from the Switch port (using arp entries) or the DHCP server if the AP got an IP assigned. 

Thank you!

New Contributor II

Hi Sir,

Sorry for the late reply. But after we reset the AP, we can access the default IP address ( but after I logged in, there's a note below (This AP is currently unable to provide wireless access. To resolve, connect to a Ruckus Controller. To function as a standalone AP, go to Ruckus Support, navigate to the specific AP and download.)

New Contributor II

We connected to the AP via SSH, and run set ip addr wan 192.168.X.X 192.168.X.X vlan XX , then the AP's IP address changed to what we have set, but we tried to connect the AP to the Ruckus VSZ controller, but the controller still cannot detect the AP