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How to re-add a Ruckus R750 AP TO C120 after deleting it.

New Contributor

I have a C120 Zone Director with 5 R750 APs.   I replaced an AP with a new RMA unit and it connected to my C120.   However it gave me the message I needed to allow it to join the network. I thought I could delete this and start over with a reboot but after I deleted it, my zone director wouldn’t pick it back up when I reconnected.   How do I get my zone director to find it again.   


RUCKUS Team Member

Hello ty_akin,

Do you know from the events on ZD whether it is showing why it is not letting the AP to join? 

Do you have enough license for APs? You may need to delete the old one (problem AP). 



RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @ty_akin 
Check on the below points and see if it helps:
1. Check if you have enough licenses.
2. Auto Approve is enabled.
3. AP is in standalone version to support ZD.