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How to locate a hidden access point?

New Contributor

I can't seem to locate one of my access points. I've walked the building, and I'm starting to wonder if the access point is up in the ceiling somewhere. I believe I have a good idea of its general location, and was able to figure this out by connecting my laptop and cell phone to the wifi in the suspected region, and then confirming the access point showed their connections in the zone director gui. 

If I could trigger the device to temporarily emit a sound, I'd be able to locate the device. Does such a feature exist on the r710 models?

Zone Director ZD1200. We don't have the heat maps set up so there's no visual representation within the gui.


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @RuckyRuck 
We have an option to disable and enable "Status LED" on the AP, should that help you in identifying the AP? This way you can identify the AP on that region with no Status LED.

If yes, this option can be found under Access Points >> Select the AP >> Click on Edit >> Model Specific Control >> Status LED