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Devices failing authentication

New Contributor II

Lately our warehouse has been having a lot of issues with devices disconnecting.    Looking at the logs I see a lot of failed authentications for the warehouse in question.  Nothing has changed on our network to the wireless or these devices and it's just suddenly started.   Has anyone ever seen this?


User[MAC Address] repeatedly fails authentication when joining WLAN[TWLAN] at AP[AP5]


RUCKUS Team Member

Hello @jeremy_reed_656

Please confirm if you are using any controller based setup ? Smartzone/ZD/Unleashed ?

What type of authentication method is used on the WLAN ?

For 802.1x/MAC authentication, if wrong/inappropriate authentication requests exceed 2 times in a 5 minute interval, this log message is triggered.

For Open PSK (WPA2/AES) and Web auth,  if wrong/inappropriate authentication requests exceed 10 times in a 5 minute interval, this log message is generated.

This is on a ZD1200.  The auth method is Open PSK (WPA2/AES).  This seems to have begun happening all of the sudden.   I updated to firmware build 240 but that didnt solve anything.