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How to enable wifi config menu of R720?

New Contributor

I want to setup my R720 to standalone AP but the config menu is disbaled, but this AP was previously used with zone director. Hope you can help me with this. Please see the attached screenshot below.

Image_ images_messages_60346ad8c8f3ab7e175d8b78_acacdec92ae68d8e3c2e47455bc588b5_r720-05ebc856-7a76-40c9-b0a4-7b5bd0d6dcab-137791914.JPG

New Contributor II

Factory reset your device, after factory reset change the firmware to 100.x.x or check standalone firmware on the ruckus site.

Valued Contributor


Your AP is running ZoneDirector firmware so cannot be configured directly with WLAN (and other) details as this configuration is pushed from the controller.

As mentioned by Elvert; you will need to install (upgrade) a new firmware version on to the AP so it can operate in 'stand-alone' mode.  This is either the stand-alone firmware e.g. Stand-alone or Unleashed 200.9.  Both are available on the Ruckus support site, if you have a support contract allowing you access.


Valued Contributor II

Actually, the main thing is that you need to factory reset AP, when it is in status "managed by ZD", web interface is disabled. After factory reset by button it becomes available. You can configure basic things than, but it is much better to install Unleashed firmware, than you'll  have much more features and even phone app for management.