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How many concurrent clients for ZoneFlex 7372 and 7982?

New Contributor
We are looking to book a hotel for a conference in February. The hotel is using ZoneFlex 7372 and 7982 APs, which the Ruckus web site says can support over 500 devices per AP.

We have a high number of devices in use during our conferences so I want to make absolutely certain that the hotel's Wi-Fi is up to the task.

Can each access point *really* support over 500 concurrent clients or will the number be lower than that? What dictates how many concurrent clients each AP can support?



Esteemed Contributor II
AP User capacity numbers are tied to authentication method used.

Both 7372 and 7982 can theoretically support 250 Open Auth users per radio, for
500 Users total. (In perfect RF conditions, close range, not passing traffic)

If using TKIP, max users per radio = 26

If using AES, max users per radio = 100