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High Drops and Retries on R730

New Contributor II
Hello everyone. I have a mixture of R710 and R730 APs in my environment and honestly just added the R730 APs as we had such good luck with the R710.

Anyway I added the R730 APs in the areas with the most user traffic, however all my clients seem to be preferring the neighboring R710 APs

I'm also noticing on my R730 that I am getting a very high Drop and Retry Percentage:
Radio                          802.11b/g/n/ax         802.11a/n/ac/ax
% Retries/% Drops     19.6/0.260               15.5/19.0
PHY Errors                  462                          112

The Drops and Retries on my R710 APs are in the .00008% compared to these.

They are all controlled by a ZoneDirector 1200 and I'm wondering if I have some settings wrong somewhere or something might be wrong with my setup. Thanks so much! If there is any more info I can get to help solve this, I'm happy to provide! Thanks!

New Contributor III
For the R730 to run at full capacity with all spatial streams you need 31.0 watts (e.g. more than POE+ which is a maximum of 30 Watts).

If you're using Ruckus ICX switches, you may be able to use the POE overdrive feature which will do upto 45 watts on a standard POE+ (802.3at) port.   This is a Ruckus proprietary feature and only works with Ruckus AP's and Ruckus Switches.   Specifically POE overdrive is supported on ICX7650-48P, ICX7650-48ZP, and ICX7150-48ZP.

Valued Contributor II
Is it confirmed that the R730 only uses around 31W (or 34W as quoted in one of the data sheets)? 

There tends to be multiple places that quote power numbers for APs (data sheet, release notes for SmartZone / ZD, I believe Unleashed has an appendix with a different looking chart with blue background).

At any rate, the reason I ask is that a popular low cost PoE switch vendor's "802.3at" switches actually are rated for 35W per port, which sounds like it would be enough to use at+ with. I've casually tried it out and not seen any overcurrent faults or anything like that even under heavy load.

New Contributor II
So I found some PoE Injectors that provide up to 95W and tried on one of my APs and I'm still having high Retries and Drops? When I look in ZoneDirector its showing Power Consumption Mode 802.3af PoE on the R730. I'm just wondering what else I can try!? Thanks so much!

Contributor III
I know with the r710 you can go into CLI and and force it into 802.3at mode.

Contributor III