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Hi one my client uses ZD1106 & Ap-7372 & 7363 now its showing link as 140 Mbps earlier it was 300 Mbps can u help me out in this case

New Contributor
zf7372 Link Speed as 140 Mbps

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interference, distance, more clients on AP, client chose to remain connected to weaker AP rather than roam to stronger signal (they do that and it's the cleints decision), connected initial data rate unsustainable so dropped to sustainable rate...probably other reasons but that'll do for a start.

Be pleased you are connecting at 140!
A solid reliable connection is far more important than maximising throughput.

===2nd thoughts====
After a reread I might be missing your intention. Please provide more info about the speed drop, ie what device or widget is reporting it. 

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Still not enough useful info.

What device is connecting to what device at what speed and where is this being reported (zd, ap, client)?

Remote possibility: Are you using mesh feature to connect AP to ZD (so no wired connection, this cuts throughput in half)?

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90% of the time, the answer is Client SNR is directly related to Distance from the AP. 
Higher RSSI, closer to the AP, translates to highest throughput.  Try analyzing your
client link thoughput at near and far distances, and you will likely see this.

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Hi Thanks for your Response ....Client is seated below the Access Point its not more than 5 feet .. also only one person connected to the Ap