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Hi one my client uses ZD1106 & Ap-7372 & 7363 now its showing link as 140 Mbps earlier it was 300 Mbps can u help me out in this case

New Contributor
zf7372 Link Speed as 140 Mbps

Valued Contributor II

its happening bcos of dynamic rate selection...

DRS is up-shifting and downshifting for rate optimization and improved performance. The algorithms used for dynamic rate switching are proprietary and are defined by radio card manufacturers. Most vendors base DRS on receive signal strength indicator (RSSI) thresholds, packet error rates, and retransmissions. Because vendors implement DRS differently, you may have two different vendor client cards at the same location, while one is communicating wit the access point at 11 Mbps and the other is communicating at 2 Mbps.

there is nothing much you can do as it is something well thought by WNIC driver to run at 140 MBPS at that location ir-respective of location or how far it is from AP.