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Help - Day 3 with new Ruckus ZD1200 and R720s - client disconnected by admin !!??

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Hi there.  One of my security cams with "excellent" health as a client has unexplainably disconnected with my new set up.

I ran the diagnostic and was told that it has been disconnected by admin and then "disassociated". (Reason: Code 2 Previous auth was not valid).

I ran the full diagnostic.  Occasional messages returned such as a red on trace 2 - Reason code 15 Invalid MIC in message 2/4 in 4 Way handshake,  Info invalid passphrase.

Running the testing for a little longer I got an amber Warning Reason code 17 Timeout expired.

Is there any way I can tell the ZD that this client is absolutely fine and I want it to reassociate?

I have had this DropCam for a long time and it is possible that it finally needs replacing, but if there is a way to salvage it then I would like to do so.  Have another 5 of these on my network - same generation and all running fine.

Any help gratefully received as I really have no ideas how to interpret the diagnostic.

Community Admin
Community Admin
Hi Peter,

4 way handshake failure could occur due to multiple reasons, on client or AP/controller side.

You may need to take OTA captures and enable additional debugging on controller/AP and analyse the captures/logs, which may be not easy, if you have limited product and protocol knowledge.

I will suggest opening a support case to troubleshoot this issue.

Syamantak Omer

Syamantak Omer
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The camera seems to be working perfectly now.  It just disconnected for a couple of hours.  The only other thing I have noticed about this cam is that its moved between APs since I first went live with my new Ruckus R720s 3 days ago.   

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OK - a newbee question I'm afraid.  The cam that sometimes disconnects is an outdoor IP cam.  It seems to connect with one of two R720 access points and only has disconnection issues with one of these.  I shall call the AP with the good working relationship "R720 A" and the other one "R720 B". 

Is there a way in the ZD1200 web interface that I can assign a particular AP to a particular client? Or is there a way to restart the APs from the web interface? Or is the only answer to physically unplug both R720s and to restart "R720 A" first and wait for this to connect with my IP cam before I restart "R720B"? 

The client makes the choice when to roam, and which is the AP with the best signal to connect to.

You can restart an AP by Telnet (SSH?) to the IP and issue 'reload' command.