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Help - Day 3 with new Ruckus ZD1200 and R720s - client disconnected by admin !!??

Contributor II
Hi there.  One of my security cams with "excellent" health as a client has unexplainably disconnected with my new set up.

I ran the diagnostic and was told that it has been disconnected by admin and then "disassociated". (Reason: Code 2 Previous auth was not valid).

I ran the full diagnostic.  Occasional messages returned such as a red on trace 2 - Reason code 15 Invalid MIC in message 2/4 in 4 Way handshake,  Info invalid passphrase.

Running the testing for a little longer I got an amber Warning Reason code 17 Timeout expired.

Is there any way I can tell the ZD that this client is absolutely fine and I want it to reassociate?

I have had this DropCam for a long time and it is possible that it finally needs replacing, but if there is a way to salvage it then I would like to do so.  Have another 5 of these on my network - same generation and all running fine.

Any help gratefully received as I really have no ideas how to interpret the diagnostic.

Thanks, Michael.  One for you to note for a future firmware update.  It would be useful functionality to be able to block clients by AP, thus bringing this control into the hands of the user.