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Guest Password ask for it everyday (No timeout)

New Contributor III
Hello to all.

We have creted a Guest Access SSID, and create a guest password. The password created have no timeout. And are allowed for 1 year.
But the devices ask for the password everyday.

Is this normal? Can be changed?


RUCKUS Team Member

In the Advanced settings under the WLAN configuration you can configure a "grace period"

This is the time a client can be disconnected but stay authenticated in the ZD user list

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The max value is 144000 minutes - 24000 hours - 100 days.

This is different then idle timeout - idle timeout is the time after a client is no longer seen by an AP after which it clears client data for that device.  If this is set too long AP's will get overloaded with client's and may not let new client connect.  Even if a client device is not actively sending user data the wirelesss card is communicating to the AP and stays associated to the AP.  If the client turns off the device or moves away - idle timeout will clear out the AP freeing up space for more devices.

I hope this information is helpful

Thanks for selecting Ruckus Networks

Works like a charm! Thanks.

hi Team,

i am using ZD1200 and I have configured guest WLAN and generated password for each user with Max 2 devices access with 1000 Days access. everything perfectly working.

but If i make any changes in AP setting OR restarted the ZD/AP then when user try to connect the guest WLAN then opened the login portal for password again .

Is there any way in the guest WLAN not to ask again login portal if the user has logged in with a one-time with his password. Even if i reset the AP ( due to updating) or make any changes.