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Greyed out firmware/upgrade

New Contributor

I have 2 unleashed R710 and 

2 unleashedR510.

Registration button and upgrade button greyed out.

no firmware version showing.

only hard reset works. Does not fix any isues.



The other browsers did not work, I downloaded new version of android mobile app and was able to access R710 after manual hard reset,

@David1 So now the tabs are working well ?

Best Regards


New Contributor

Same with R610, upgrade option is greyed out. Was thinking to work in parallel with R650, but don’t know how, as are unable to bring to the same FW due to this issue. God know what lifetime warranty did it have.

Having the same issue with some R510s.  Tried 3 different browsers - different machines.

Hi @bdillard 

You can try doing the upgrade from CLI as well, but the easiest way would be to use Unleashed application.
1. Install the Unleashed application.
2. Connect to the SSID and open the application.
3. Through the application, upgrade the APs.