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Google Expedition R700 with SmartZone 100

New Contributor II

We are running 3 SmartZone 100 Controllers

We currently have 855 APs, all model


Everything is running very well for our school district.  We are now looking into using Google Expedition.  The WLAN that the devices connect to:

  1. Tunnels back to controller
  2. Client Isolation is turned off (very important)
  3. Currently Open, but we've tried as PSK

Little bit about Google Expedition.  The app is based on MDNS. (Yes another multicast wireless question).  A user will start the app on one device and select to be the leader.  The device then communicates out using MDNS.  Then students start up their app on their device and select to be a follower. They start communicating out with MDNS to find and communicate with the leader.


The devices work very when they all connect to the WLAN on the same AP.  However when a device connects to the same WLAN on a different AP then they can't partake in the expedition.  They can't see the leader and the leader can't see them.

This forum post is 3 years old.  Is this still the expected solution for users to try?

If we do turn off directed-multicast as what the above link suggests:

  1. If we do this does that mean that all Multicast traffic on the vlan will be sent out to all the APs
  2. If #1 is true, is it possible to setup a filter for what multicast traffic we want
  3. If it's a total disaster and we want to revert back to directed-multicast, what commands do we run.  (Assuming instead of no qos directed-multicast we just type qos directed-multicast).

Thanks in advance!



Esteemed Contributor II
Yes, that is our solution for MDNS based applications (including Bonjour), to allow
you to see other devices that span the VLAN you're on from the AP, to the wired
network too.  We advise schools using Bonjour to limit broadcast domains to
reduce the overhead created by the multicast on top of normal broadcast traffic.
That might mean one VLAN for a few classes, etc...  You might want to reach
out to your local VAR or Ruckus SE if this would require much re-design.

New Contributor II

@Michael Thanks for the info.  We will give this a try.


After opening a ticket and doing more testing the following was found.

(First, the link above was for ZoneDiretor, not SmartZone)

The engineer on the phone help setup the directed multicast setting.  After doing a test the app still didn't work.

We then changed the WLAN from being tunneled back to the controller to just dropped off onto a local vlan.  Once we did that the app worked as expected. 

We also tried it again by dropping onto the local vlan and without the directed multicast setting.  This setting worked as well.

It looks like the problem is when a WLAN tunnels back to the controller.

Esteemed Contributor II
Glad to get your update, thanks! 
Don't tunnel your WLANs that need local multicast, got it.