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R310 unleashed APs ( - Apple Clients lose connectivity after roaming.

New Contributor II
iPhone and iPad with current software releases  have to  reconnect to get access again.   Clients are still visible in the unleashed dashboard, have WLAN connectd and valid IP address, but are not pingable.   After reconnecting things are fine again.

New Contributor II
Hi Thomas, do you have any update from Ruckus about this issue? We discovered the same in with our customer. 4x R310 running latest firmware.

Regards, Michael

New Contributor II
Hi Michael,
Things have stabilized here. No updated from Ruckus, played around a bit by myself.

Not 100% sure what exactly did the trick, but I think it was checking (enabling):

"Turn off ChannelFly if AP's uptime is more than 10 minutes " setting under the AP global -> others configuration.