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Deployment questions

New Contributor
I have a couple of questions about deploying the R300 AP:

If I have ISP modem bridged to issue public dynamic IP address, will the  R300 consume a public IP and issue private DHCP address to wireless clients? Can I limit the total bandwidth used by the AP to ensure usage of another network? Can I broadcast 2 SSID's from 1 AP specify total allowed usage on each SSID and change IP scheme of each SSID? The purpose is to provide a wifi for a business and its customers while allowing the business to use a more unfettered access.

Esteemed Contributor II
You kind of lost me at "ISP modem bridged to issue public dynamic IP address", so I always recommend
your local VAR or Ruckus SEwho are best at exploring all options to provide a solution.

But I'll see if I can picture it.  If you use one R300 in Solo/Standalone mode, you can 'bridge to WAN' for an
SSID that you trust on the AP network, or use NAT and 'route to WAN' with an Internal DHCP scope for the
second SSID like guests.

New Contributor
I am looking to NAT and route with DHCP off of the AP but do that for both SSID's.  ISP modem can handle dhcp scope but I don't want it to.  I want the ISP modem to just pass traffic and go straight to the R300 so that R300 can handle the DHCP scope of both SSID, 1 guest SSID and 1 private.  Will I be able to throttle each SSID specifically so that they all don't max out the bandwidth though? Side note: I also intend to install a firewall parallel to the ap off of the ISP modem. I don't want the business traffic to compete with traffic from the wifi which is why I want to throttle the throughput of both SSID's.