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Getting AP into right VLAN

New Contributor II

I must have made a change somewhere, sometime ago, because when I try and add a new AP to my WLAN it gets assigned to VLAN 1 instead of the VLAN all the other APs are on (for arguments sake, call this VLAN 34). The switch port this AP connects to is configured the same as the other switch ports and APs in the network. What configuration setting on the ZD 1100 or elsewhere am I missing?

Looking through all the VLAN-related posts, I get confused with all of the VLAN tagging and untagged nomenclature I see, because a lot of it is ambiguous depending on whether people are using Cisco nomenclature or HPs or even their own. So, in light of this, I ask that any response be Cisco-specific, and, if possible, the relevant Cisco commands be included.