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GPL source code?

New Contributor III
Ruckus appears to be using Linux 3.4.103, but neither provided me with a copy of the GPL nor source code. The following site does not appear to have been updated in *years*:

How do I get source code for my Ruckus Zoneflex R710?

New Contributor III
I found out that the Qualcomm SDK provides Linux 3.4.103 with a proprietary Wi-Fi driver. My guess is that Ruckus just reused that, put their GUI on top with a few other "value add" features and shipped it.

Also, the Qualcomm SDK uses hostapd (despite mention of hostapd being removed from system logs), which means that Ruckus unleased customers are missing out on features like wpa_disable_eapol_key_retries because Ruckus decided to keep the sources to itself and not document how to enable it, assuming that they even grabbed the patch and added a hook to their management shell that would allow enabling it.

New Contributor III
It seems that Ruckus is also using busybox, uClibc, libgcc and other OSS software. The ones I named are either GPL or LGPL licensed. Could I also have the sources for that too?

Also, why was I not given a copy of any of these licenses? The licenses require that in order for you to distribute the software.

New Contributor III
My apologies. I was looking at the solo image firmware. The unleashed firmware image uses "ARM OpenWrt Linux-3.14.43" I'd still like the sources for this stuff though. That way I can patch it myself to give me wpa_disable_eapol_key_retries.

Contributor II
It's been many years since has been updated.
Is there a new location where Ruckus meet their open source obligations?
If so, could the website be updated to point to the new repository?
If not, what's the procedure to request GPL sources for my devices?