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New Contributor II
can we do EAP-TSL authentication method with Rukus wireless solution.

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Sameer,

The EAP method is negotiated between the  client and the RADIUS authentication server.  Ruckus is transparent and can pass most methods.

802.1x EAP-TLS which uses client side certificates is the most secure EAP method and is definitely supported.

I hope this answers your question.

New Contributor II
Hello Albert,

thanks for reply..

I am coming from Cisco And Aruba WLAN security. so Rukus is new for me. its very help full if i get the installation and configuration documents for same.

Thanks in Advance 

RUCKUS Team Member
HI Sameer,

Configuring a WLAN(SSID) profile to do 802.1x authentication is covered in the user/admin guides for each product.

For latest ZD version:

802.1x configuration starts on page 100

For vSZ-H /SZ300 latest version:

WLAN configuration starts on pg.161, creating 802.1x admin roles on pg. 191

For vSZ-E/ SZ-100 latest version:

WLAN configuration starts on pg 147.

You may also want to check our Knowledge base (I searched for 802.1x and TLS)

I hope you find this information helpful

Thanks for choosing Ruckus Networks, an Arris company!

New Contributor II
Thanks Albert.