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Does the vRIoT Controller support the R750?

New Contributor II
Hi All

It's not mentioned in the release notes, so I don't know if that's an oversight.. but is the R750 supported by the vRIoT Controller?

For reference:

Given that it's the flagship AP and is IoT ready, you'd hope so.. but I'm having issues with them ('IoT Radio not detected', 'Gateway IoT firmware mismatch' etc.) and wonder if it's an 'is it even supported' issue.

Cheers, James


Community Manager
Community Manager
Hi James,

SZ should be on 5.2 release to support R750 APs.

Please refer to the below KBA.


Great, thanks Anusha.. appreciate the quick response.  I'll see if we can get the vSZ upgraded.

Great, let us know if you run into any issues.


Hi Anusha

vSZ was upgraded to but the problem persists.  It might be that as per the tech note you referenced, the hot upgrade might not have been applied.  The vSZ in this case, is hosted by a third-party provider, so I can't be sure.

The APs are now at v5.  The tech note says the APs should be moved to the 5.2 zone AFTER the hot upgrade.. will this now cause issues if the hot upgrade hasn't been applied.  I'm assuming the APs should be at (although the reference links in that patch don't mention IoT, or the R750)

Thanks for any further advice..

Cheers, James