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Tips for installing ZD1200 and 5 new R720 APs to replace old APs

Contributor II
Hi there.  Just installed my new PoE switches and moving to final stage of network upgrade project which is installing new ZD1200 and five R720 APs.  I plan to install the ZD1200 first and go through the quick setup guide.  Following this would people generally replace their old APs one by one and then check that the ZD1200 recognizes the new R720s before moving to next AP install, or is it that simple that you just install the whole five APs and the ZD should simply find everything with little issue?

Community Admin
Community Admin
Hi Peter,

Choice is yours, you may install one at a time and check its status first or install them all and then check the status on ZD.

As long as APs and ZD has IP connectivity, they will join ZD automatically and will upgrade to ZD firmware automatically.

If you face issues like post installing APs they do not join ZD, just check if APs are getting IP, check APs firmware version, etc.

You you have IP connectivity to all APs and ZD, chances of physical interaction is very less for ZD to AP communication issues. You can troubleshoot AP/ZD using their IP access.

By any chance if APs do not join automatically, simply SSH into AP CLI with default credentials (super/sp-admin) and run below commands.

set director ip

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Contributor II
OK I must be missing a key step here.  Just tried plugging an R720 into one of my ICX 7150 C12 Switches using an Ethernet cable only - I have never used PoE before and I assumed that it would just power up, but nothing is happening.  Is there an "on switch" on the R720 that I can't see?  Do I need to assign power to the particular port on my PoE Ethernet switch.