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DHCP Confusion

New Contributor II
Please refer the imageImage_ images_messages_5f91c3f8135b77e2479027ca_ffc3ea5a510ae7a9d78ae0d6229215d2_RackMultipart201912131187091jh-f01e0edc-642d-4e60-94a6-f19685415f77-192952749.png1576209412

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Hafiz,

Please check the below link and refer page 373.

Make sure the AP port on switch is trunk port allowing the VLANs configured on the SSID.

Hi Sanjay,

Thanks for the documentation. I've read it it before actually.
Few questions here:
1) Corporate wifi VLAN gateway ( is at the core switch. How do I create pool at the vSZ that include that gateway? I can't find the option to do that?
2) For the vSZ connection to the switch, should i set it as an access port or trunk port with native vlan?

Hi Hafiz,

Here the AP will take the pool configured and will act like a DHCP server (depending on the configuration), AP will address the clients request.

You only need to make the AP port as trunk port carrying the VLANS. 

Hi Sanjay,

That's great. If I configure the Corporate wifi DCHP pool as below:
Image_ images_messages_5f91c480135b77e247abfea9_e8476db8b5e6a74774b13ef18189572d_RackMultipart20191213530001glf-7d21b981-26c7-4766-804e-b19551b46373-1388578700.PNG1576230871

Which IP will be the gateway for VLAN2?