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Mounting 750s to ceiling drop

New Contributor

Hey all,

I need to mount my 750s to these ceiling drops.  Any recommendations regarding hardware/procedure for mounting?

Image_ images_messages_60be82f222f33063d33b26cc_659ce474ccbfe45eeafe6b07ffd094e9_cd2-322581ed-6276-466f-a86c-88135bda6669-579123884.png

New Contributor

The mounts that come with the AP are specifically for a t-bar which we do not have.


Something like this would may work.

I just googled ruckus AP wall mount

Hey Paul, thanks, that's what I was thinking as well.  I've found a couple different things that will likely work but am just curious if anyone else has a similar setup.

Valued Contributor II


When we have similar mounting requirements, as they usually are never exactly same, it usually doesn't make sense to look for specialized hardware. Therefore we normally use the necessary length of M8 steel rod (you drill a hole in the, put in the bronze M8 dowel, and screw a rode into it), some metal plate (~2x6 cm), and use 2x  M4 screws fixed in AP standard mounting holes to fix AP to plate (need to use screws with the biggest heads, which can be put into the holes). 

We almost always use this method for R510/550 in warehouses and industrial buildings. If rod is longer than 1 m, we use M10 or M12 to make it more stable. Such mounting is very robust, we had experience APs hit by forklifts, and even then they still not dropped down.  Most important that you can get needed mounting parts instantly, and very cheap - dowels, rod, some mounting plate and screws can be found in any hardware shop.