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Currently recommended firmware for vSZ

New Contributor III
I am about to deploy a new instance of vSZ with about 40 R610 APs.

The support section for vSZ downloads says the "recommended firmware" is 3.5.1 plus WPA2 Krack  patch. However, the latest available release is 

I'd rather not start a new instance with an older firmware version.

Is anyone using in a production environment or know any good reason to avoid it for a new deployment?


I have a mix of R510, R610, and R710.  All seem to have the connection failures.  My Vsz is on version  I started having the connection failure problem on the first version of 3.6.  My APs are on firmware version I can downgrade the APs to the latest 3.5 version and the connection failures go away.

5ghz channel width is set to 80MHz.

On the non-DFS question.  I have the channelization set to Auto.  Out of 110 APs, i have 14 on channel 36 and 9 on channel 149

Contributor III
Running as well, with all APs (72 R610, 2 T301s) on No problems other than the incorrect connection failures, which has been mentioned here. 5GHz channel width is set to 40MHz. Currently 13 of the 74 have chosen a non-DFS channel.