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Streaming Locking up

New Contributor II
ZD1006 controller and zf7962 locking up while streaming 720p movies.

ZD1006 is running firmware build 21 and the AP's are running 

All of them are locking up when trying to stream movies locally. Each AP is at seperate sites on different subnets, site's are linked using site to site OpenVPN tunnels. Routing is setup in the ZD for the two subnets not local to the controller.

Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Dustin,

   The 7962 APs are "locking up"?  What exactly does that mean?  Do you have
to reboot to recover, etc?  I'd suggest viewing the ZD debug logs and the AP
support info files for other clues.  You may be flooding the LAN with broadcasts
from other VLANs?  Broadcast/multicast flooding has been seen to affect AP
performance in some environments.

New Contributor II
When I say lock up, the only way to describe it is for 5-10 seconds everything connected to any of the AP's stop passing traffic. Nothing disconnects from the AP just traffic won't flow. Don't have to reboot after 5-10 seconds everything picks back up and continues. Rebooting controller or AP's does nothing to fix the problem.

There is no VLAN's whatsoever. Just three seperate sites on different subnets with site to site VPN tunnels to connect the sites together. On the controller I added the static routes to the 2 remote sites, as well as used the command "set director ip" on the two remote AP's to get them to connect to the controller.

Does the routes need to be added into the controller to work properly?

Thanks Dustin, no routes need any config on the ZD.  I find it interesting that "all traffic" stops,
so maybe not just a video stream issue, if all data stops flowing.  I'd suggest to open a ticket
thru your VAR or our support and evaluate some ZD debug logs, and AP support info files, if
you can take them soon after an outage is seen.  Could the AP be getting overwhelmed, by
client traffic or bcast/mcast, is something they can look at.  Latest versions of code on ZD/APs
is important too.  I hope we can iron this out for you.

The only way I can describe it is that traffic stops flowing. No complete disconnects, but if there's an DLNA type streaming happening, it stops completely then picks back up after 5-10 seconds. This wasn't happening with the Aironet's I had prior to installing this Ruckus ZD and AP system.

I've removed the static routes and things seem to have improved. I'll do some testing tonight to check for sure if the issue is fixed or not. If that fixed it, what could have caused the issue with adding the static routes in the ZD?