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Current Migration Process from ZD 3000 to virtual Smartzone Essentials

New Contributor II
I have decided to move to a virtual SmartZone controller because Ruckus informed me that the new SmartZones would allow autonomous WLANs to continue running on meshed APs if the controller isn't reachable and that the ZD was not capable of that.  I have found a tech document titled "ZoneDirector to SCG/vSCG/SZ Access Point Migration Guide" that was published in November of 2014.  This process is very involved and relatively a lot of work.  Is there a newer procedure that I am missing?  My searches haven't turned up anything if there is.  How has your migration gone?

New Contributor II
Thank you Sid for all your steps, right now I'm doing the same and the only issue that I'm seeing is that after migrating a group of APs to the vSZ-Essentials none of the AP are getting the new configuration from the vSZ. I found out the below link explaning the problem and how to resolve it but it's tough to connect AP by AP to do a factory reset and reboot when one have more than 400 APs. Why ZD managed AP's fail to get configuration updated after joining vSZ? From So.. in this case I think before continue migrating the other group of APs to see if there is a way using the ZD cli to factory reset first a certain group of APs and then they will get the new IP of the vSZ after reboot and that way they might get the new config right away. Do you have any ideas how to accomplish that? or maybe doing the same after I migrate all the APs to the vSZ, how to do a factory reset on a group or all of them at the same time through the CLI ? Thanks.