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hi, Concurrent users are support to Ruckus 7372, T301s & T301n AP?

New Contributor II
Please let me know how many concurrent users are support to Ruckus 7372, T301s & T301n Ap? 

Community Manager
Community Manager
Hi Swapnil,

Are you managing the AP in standalone mode or a ZD managed mode?

If they are in the standalone mode, they should support up to 500 concurrent stations.

If they are managed by a ZD, the value differs as per the ZD model.

Please check the specification guide of the APs at our website.

- Anusha

Tx Anusha....

I am using SMG 200 for the manage the AP.

I have idea its support upto 500 concurrent stations, but i want to know how many Concurrent users are support to 1 no. AP.

Contributor III
the answer is more complex than that. It depends on multiple factors including including but not limited to:

What type of WLAN (Open, WPA2-PSK, WPA2-Enterprise etc)
What type of encryption will be used (AES-CCMP or TKIP) if any
Standalone or controller based

Also, concurrent user support is quoted on associations not traffic passing clients so the max number of supported devices will always be greater than the max number of clients that can be associated and passing traffic over any given period.

New Contributor II
Type of WLAN is open...