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Converting an R500 AP to Unleashed R500

New Contributor II
I see posts that are 2 years old on this topic - so I am looking for affirmation that this is a pretty straight forward push of the unleashed code to a standalone R500. My scenario is is: I have a user with a single R500 in need of additional coverage, I plan to add a single R510 unleashed AP and then convert the stand alone unit to unleashed - creating a seamless WLAN. What are the 'gotchas' I need to be aware of? Appreciate the help!

New Contributor II
Worked perfect! Updated to the unleashed code on the R500, created the Unleashed SSID - then brought the new unleashed R510 online - added it, they were at the same f/w. no hitches. Appreciate the insight!

New Contributor
Wait. So you can just flash the unleashed firmware? Ruckus is trying to get me to pay for something in order for it to work. We have 2 r600 zoneflex that I am wanting to unleashed and mesh.

Yep, you can download and flash the Ruckus Unleashed Firmware on your R500, R600, etc. access points, but it will only work on the "Supported" Unleashed AP's and you don't need any support contract.  I just did 3 of them yesterday.  Works great!  You may have to create a free account on the Ruckus Website to login to acquire the software, but there is no charge for it at all.

Do the R500 unleashed need to connect to the cloud to be managed? Or once they are flashed with the unleashed FW, they are good to go and can be managed locally?

Do the R500 unleashed need to contact the cloud for management or once they are updated to the unleashed FW, can they be managed locally and be good to go?