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Connections being dropped with StandAlone Ruckus AP7372

New Contributor II
We have purchased few Ruckus 7372APs past week, to replace our Ubiquiti APs. Our environment includes, all these APs deployed in StandAlone mode in different locations, and where users come in and access the our Server connected to the AP, for certain services. Most of the devices are all either smartphones/tablets (Android mostly), and come in do heavy transfer of files for 4 to 5 minutes, and stay mostly idle from then on.

What we have observed is the connections from the devices get dropped very regularly. Surprisingly only after 7 or 8 devices, the connections get dropped. Also, the speeds are fairly slow at 2Mbps.

We are fairly familiar with Ubiquiti AP setup, and tried replicating the same on the 7372. Given these symptoms, are there any basic configuration settings that we could possibly be missing.

BTW we have disabled 5ghz and using only 2.4ghz.