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looking for Working Blacklist commands for Zf7372 standalone??

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Ladies and Gentlemens..

I am running into trouble at a client site with standalone AP's where i want to avoid a channel due to heavy interference and would like to use channelfly with limited channel it can hop between.

When i run the set blacklist command, systems just returns ok which looks postive and when i do "get" command does not really tell that channel i wanted blacklisted is really blacklisted now..

at least to me, i am not able to find a place where i can check to confirm that channel is indeed blacklisted.

Does anyone got commands which has worked which i can try or atleast compare?

I am on Zf7372's and am on 9.8,2

Contributor II

I'm assuming you're working on the 2.4 radio.  The command to set a blacklist would be as follows:

set blacklist wlan0 -1

For instance, "set blacklist wlan0 2 -1" to permanently blacklist channel 2.  Repeat for all channels necessary, and get wlan blacklist should show the below (all but 1/6/11 blocked):

rkscli: get blacklist wlan0wlan0 Only user blacklist is used in channel selection.  No warning on interference.
wlan0 Blacklisted Channel: 2   (User-specified)
wlan0 Blacklisted Channel: 3   (User-specified)
wlan0 Blacklisted Channel: 4   (User-specified)
wlan0 Blacklisted Channel: 5   (User-specified)
wlan0 Blacklisted Channel: 7   (User-specified)
wlan0 Blacklisted Channel: 8   (User-specified)
wlan0 Blacklisted Channel: 9   (User-specified)
wlan0 Blacklisted Channel: 10   (User-specified)
wlan0 Threshold override:

WLAN8 will do the same thing for 5GHz.

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Mitch, Thanks. I will give them a shot and report back if i need more.