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Connecting T300 root AP to P300 point-to-point bridge backhaul

New Contributor II

Does the connection between a T300 root AP and a P300 point-to-point backhaul require the use of a switch in an unleashed network?  This seems to be the case from the specs I have seen on each unit.  Our existing ZF7762 APs (yes I know they're old) link directly to our ZF7731 bridge via the POE out port on the AP (no switch necessary).


Esteemed Contributor II
You can attach a PC to the Eth port on both sides of a P300 bridge link, if that's all you wish to connect.
A switch would allow more than one device to go thru the Eth port (on either side).

If the question is about power, you should be able to power the P300's from your 7762 PoE out port just
like you did with 7731 bridges, if using our PoE injector to fully power the 7731s.

New Contributor II
Thanks for the reply Michael. 7762 is not compatible with T300 unleashed and is being replaced. Unlike 7762, the T300 does not have an Ethernet/POE out port so I can't link it to the 7731 or P300 unit. The attached image is what I had in mind but I am not sure if I can make the link between X any Y in the diagram without a switch. I don't need to attach any other devices other than via wifi thru the AP.Image_ images_messages_5f91c42b135b77e24799d527_4306cf40e80758bb9b2d71139af26fa6_RackMultipart201704011206251jl-3a773abc-a3e0-4442-a937-742b6e8b35a2-759967040.JPG1491007735

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Hi Michael, 
I am also looking for similar kind of setup, where 2 P300 Aps will be in Point to point and T300 will be connected to other P300 AP.
Is it possible.


Hi Ramesh
I can confirm the configuration in the sketch works fine. Only problem you might encounter is if the T300 can link back to the Master AP via a different route in the meshed network. In this case just manually configure your T300 to prevent loopback.