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Compability Cisco Power Injectors and Ruckus AP ́s (r500, r600, H500)

New Contributor II
I have a cliente that has 8 Cisco power injector air-pwrinj5= and needs to use this with some ruckus ap ́s for example r500, are they compatible????

I saw this pair (cisco power + ruckus ap) work!! but i ́m not sure about the advantages and disadvantages.....i will appreciate your opinion.

is there ruckus poe specification guide updated?????

Thanks guys for your help

Excellent!! thanks for your help!! i have more clear the concept!!

New Contributor II
Hi Sean,
Thanks for the answer!!, but i can ́t see the link about page shows an error: This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it.

Can you resend it to me again pls???


Cisco AIR-PWRINJ5 provides 802.11af (15.4W) power. 

R600 AP power draw:

Idle: 2.3W

Typical: 5.3W

Peak: 12W

Click Specs from this R600 Indoor AP product page: 

Hey Mike,

The specs tab does not mention 802.3at but on the manuals it does.