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Compability Cisco Power Injectors and Ruckus AP ́s (r500, r600, H500)

New Contributor II
I have a cliente that has 8 Cisco power injector air-pwrinj5= and needs to use this with some ruckus ap ́s for example r500, are they compatible????

I saw this pair (cisco power + ruckus ap) work!! but i ́m not sure about the advantages and disadvantages.....i will appreciate your opinion.

is there ruckus poe specification guide updated?????

Thanks guys for your help

New Contributor II
Hi Golbert,
As long as the PoE adaptor support 802.3af, it is fine work with Ruckus R500

Thanks Chang!!

Contributor III

Valued Contributor II
Yeah, any standard 802.3af PoE injector will work with your R500/R600/R700. I've used numerous injectors with different brands, including the cheap ones off Amazon, and they've all powered Ruckus AP's without a hitch.

The only gotcha is that if you have a Ruckus R710 and need 802.3at PoE+ mode, some vendors misleadingly sell "PoE+ injectors". Ruckus AP's won't detect those as PoE+. But, obviously, there's very very little that you're missing with the R710 if you use PoE compatibility mode and I wouldn't worry about it.