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Can you use a ZoneFlex 7343 Access Point to create a wireless bridge?

New Contributor
I need to install an IP camera into a shed on our site and we have a Ruckus ZoneFlex 7343 Access Point going spare

The site already has wifi and so I was wondering if there is a clear guide how I can use the 7343 to connect my ip camera to the rest of the network through the wifi?

I've searched online how to do this by creating a wifi bridge but when I go to the hotzone some of the options under wifi dont seem to be there

The shed has power for both the camera and wifi

Any help would be appreciated

Esteemed Contributor II
I'm sorry, but a standalone AP cannot bridge to other manufacturer equipment, as Ruckus uses a 4-mac WDS method.
You might find our previous CPE device like mf7211 on eBay.  That has a single Eth port, and can connect to a WLAN
advertised in 5G band, like a WPA2-PSK SSID, meant to provide wireless access to non-wifi devices/PCs. 

Otherwise it would take 2 x 7343 and a ZD to mesh from the shed to your ISP wifi modem, a more pricey solution.