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Channelfly and rapid channel changes

Valued Contributor II
I live in a big apartment complex, so I really conceptually like ChannelFly, especially on 2.4GHz. I've traditionally run it in run-stop mode, but I decided to try leaving it running for a longer period of time, since the marketing documentation for Channelfly claims that the channel change rate should dramatically fall over time. I've also played with changing the MTBC option (from the default 100 minutes to 200 or 300 minutes).

After around 30-40 hours of Channelfly uptime, I'm still noticing frequent channel changes, and more peculiarly, the channel changes occur in bursts. On 5GHz, where the RF is pretty quiet, it seems to bounce back and forth between two 5GHz channels every 6 hours, which is pretty consistent with my 200-300 minute MTBC setting.

However on 2.4, I find that once every 2 hours it seems to rapidly change between a large number of 2.4GHz channels, and this rate has not seemed to settle down at all. Is ChannelFly eventually supposed to converge to a stable selection of channels? Or is this kind of constant hopping expected?  I guess I might be better off going back to run-stop mode.

Here's an example of the channel hopping I've seen from the last 24 hours across 3 AP's:

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3d8135b77e2478a9df7_9d2261599e90fbf0f33af95f1e4a22df_RackMultipart20150324239121t7y-7f28f65f-beef-4e35-8eb0-85bfa9544910-2001823025.png1427222385